The Cyprus Embassy Trade Center in New York is the Economic and Commercial arm of Cyprus’ Diplomatic representation covering the USA, Canada and Latin America. Operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, it is one of only eleven such Economic and Commercial promotion missions of the Republic of Cyprus worldwide.

Under the direction of the Trade Commissioner, its primary role is that of furthering and expanding the economic interests of the Republic of Cyprus through promoting, facilitating and attracting foreign investment and fostering the expansion of exports of Cyprus’ goods and services, in addition to monitoring related market and policy issues.

The role includes:

  • Promoting Cyprus as an international business and services centre
  • Encouraging foreign investment and stimulating business interest in Cyprus
  • Developing commercial relations and business contacts with importers
  • Enhancing the image of Cyprus as a reliable trading partner
  • Providing information to business community and prospective investors on Cyprus’ export possibilities in industrial and agricultural products and investment opportunities in Cyprus
  • Organising trade delegations, press facility visits, participation in trade fairs and exhibitions in the USA
  • Providing lists of contacts for importers/exporters, market intelligence concerning business opportunities and export prospectsIdentifying marketing opportunities through market research and monitoring of trends and developments with a view to fitting products into markets
  • Dealing with trade and business inquiries and providing essential information
Cyprus Embassy Trade Centre - New York
13 East 40th Street
New York
NY 10016